Happiness & Fulfillment through and with those whom you love

“It is only when the pursuit to work to our full potential includes working to help others in our lives work to their potential do we actually find what we’re looking for. This is very much the case for anyone in any sort of leadership position. We do not become great leaders, we do not fulfill our potential when we work to see ourselves grow or rise. It is when we devote ourselves to seeing those around us rise that we actually grow. And when the people we care about also work to see us grow, then they too will grow.

The pursuit to fulfill “my” potential must be replaced with the pursuit to “our” potential. As a family. As a team. As an organisation. As a community. The only true way for any of us to grow, to truly fulfill our full potential, is when we work to help others do the same. So yes, let’s keep reading all the books and attending all the seminars, except let’s bring someone, let’s do it with someone. Let’s read the books and attend the seminars not to help ourselves, but to help them. That’s potential fulfilled.”

-Simon Sinek

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